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Post by Fate Foretold on Fri May 08, 2009 1:46 pm

Have a funny joke? Did you hear something that made you laugh? Have a silly dream? Maybe you or someone you know made a hilarious quote. Share anything that tickled your funny bone for the rest of us to enjoy!

So the first thing I have to share is a dream that I had last night. I texted Tony to tell him about it, and we both agreed that we hope I can't predict the future!

I dreamt that I was pregnant and that World War 3 was going on. The entire world was falling apart. I was in the hospital with this nice nurse that was taking care of me, and at one point, Tony was out somewhere, and I kept trying to text him (because I found my cell phone in my pocket), but it was my old cell phone that I had that doesn't have a keyboard on it, and I couldn't remember how to use it haha, so I couldn't text him. Later on, we were trying to escape, since I think the hospital was falling apart and other buildings were collapsing from bombs and such. We had to go scuba diving to avoid it all, but there was no swimsuit big enough for my pregnant belly! So, I had to wear swim trunks and a t-shirt. It was so crazy!

Something else that I thought was funny, was Tony's friend's girlfriend just updated her status on Facebook. I guess someone called her store (I don't know remember she works) and asked if it was possible to take merchandise out of the store without paying for it because they didn't have the money. They said that they'd pay for it down the line though. LOL! I guess they accused her store of having trust issues when she told them that you can't do that! Laughing

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