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Post by River on Wed May 06, 2009 5:27 pm

It's that time again - "I need a new avatar/sig setup!" Those of us who aren't as artistically inclined as others might find this to be a grave concern. Never fear, Ask an Artist is here! This subforum is for you to ask for avatars, signatures, character art, or any other form of artwork that you desire. After your request has been filled, please PM a moderator to have your request thread locked, so that if an artist stumbles across it, they don't spend their time and creativity making art that you do not want or need. When you decide you need another piece of art, just post a new thread.

Please keep in mind the following rules as you utilize this subforum.

- Give credit where credit is due. If you didn't draw/paint/photograph/create it, it is not your artwork! By giving you an image to use in your avatar, signature, character profile, or anywhere else, the artist who created that work is permitting you to borrow it. Please be respectful and don't claim credit for someone else's work. This is a bannable offense. You don't have to state outright in your signature that you didn't create the art, but if asked, please be honest. Assume that all artwork on ND is copyrighted.

- Honesty is perfectly fine; blatant insults are not. If you receive a piece of artwork and are not completely satisfied with it, please be respectful. "This drawing sucks" is not an acceptable method of telling someone that you'd rather not use the art in your avatar. "I'm not sure it's really what I was looking for" is all right, but please always try to pair constructive criticism with something complimentary. The artist did work very hard on it, after all, and I'm sure they'd like to know that their toil was appreciated, even if you're not going to use their work.


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