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Post by River on Sun May 10, 2009 7:34 pm

Writers Way is where you can store your very own creative writing portfolio. In it, you can post your stories both long or short, poetry, and fanfictions. Feel free to browse other users' creative writing as well, but please refrain from spamming, advertising, or chatting in these threads. If you have something you'd like to say to the author, please PM it to them, but only as long as their introduction post doesn't state "please no comments" or something to that effect.

Just like the other portfolios, each user is entitled to one thread, and the first post should be an introduction or table of contents.

Please note that depending on the length of your story, it might not all fit into one post. If this is the case, just post it into multiple posts - just make sure your table of contents reflects that, so as not to confuse your adoring audience.


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